Parmigiani Fleurier Watch


Private Collection

Wristwatch with engraved crystal back

Never before has glass engraving appeared in such a prestigious and minute setting: a wristwatch. On the back of the timekeeper's case, the complex motifs of a coat of arms stand out with superb clarity in crystal glass. The artistic challenge, taken up by the outstanding and talented engraver David di Montalto, was a first. His method, unique and recognised by all the major names in the field, simultaneously demands both a total mastery of movement and absolute meditative concentration. Often more than 15 hours will pass, the hand of the artist stippling the glass, tiny controlled tremors incising the material with the help of a diamond-tipped instrument. With each minute incision, the light is diffused. Pushing or holding back the movement shapes the light, modulating its intensity to bring the work to life. In this case the labour of the undertaking, already intolerant of any error, was multiplied due to the considerable difficulties caused by the extreme hardness of crystal glass.

The execution of this work, which is unique, stands as undisputed evidence of Parmigiani Fleurier's passion for exploring the range of artistic expressions that allow the concept of Haute Horlogerie to be constantly renewed and developed.


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